"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the owner and manager of Discosource Professional Dj's, in Melbourne, Australia. I am writing this in regards to a previous employee/dj of our's Jon Osborn. We worked together in which he provided musical entertainment for our client's. Jon is a great dj to have on board with year's of experience up his sleeve and I recommend his service's to anyone who want's a dj who does his music research and know's how to read a crowd successfully, he will make a great dj for anyone. If you have any specific question's please feel free to contact me anytime." Paul Haritos Discosource Professional Dj's   Melbourne, Australia

"Hi Jon. I want to thank you for the great party you did for us. The preparation you did for our event really paid off! You are definitely an old school DJ with LOTS of soul."  Charles Goodwin  Las Vegas, Nevada

"Hey Jon! I'd be happy to write a few words. For those of you considering a DJ for hire. This is your guy. He bills himself as an old school DJ. He won't disappoint. Jon is a great person and a great DJ. Thanks buddy!"  George Hernandez  Las Vegas, Nevada

" Regarding Jon Osborn- Jon Osborn DJ-ed for my company on several occassion's.He has quite an extensive music collection (apart from Aussie artist's that did not chart in the US so, I supplied him with those) and I had nothing but good report's about him from my customer's."  Gary M Absolute Class Production's   Melbourne, Australia

" I have been a fan of Jonny O for many years. He is a fantastic DJ who not only play's music but, know's music too. He love's playing to the crowd and getting people up and dancing. I would highly recommend him for any DJ gig!"  Debbie Anderson   Columbus, Ohio

" We hired DJ Jon & The Downbeats for our christmas party and man this guy is good! I was so impressed with his energy and knowledge of music. It just amazed me! We were a crowd of about 200 and Jon had us all dancing to the wee hours. We originally wanted karaoke but, Jon as a DJ was more than any of us expected. Thank you so much. We will hook up again." Bernice Johnston   Las Vegas, Nevada

" Jon Osborn did a christmas party for my company in Key Largo, Florida. We alway's had christmas partie's in the past but, Jon made such a difference! We were a mixed audience and part of a DJ is reading your crowd. He did. Thank you Jon. Good luck in Las Vegas!"  Elijah Rooker   Key Largo, Florida

"Hello everyone. My name is Sara Johnstone. I live in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia. It is just a short way from Melbourne. This is a DJ reference for Jon Osborn. He lived here for a little while back about 2003. I hired Jon as a DJ to do a house party and I've never had a party since that night. It was my engagement party. He played everything. We were all singing and dancing to the wee hour's of the night. What impressed me about Jon the most is, that he was in a strange country and knew nothing of our music or culture but somehow knew what to play. Incredible. Thank you Jon."   Sara Johnstone  Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

" I hired Jon Osborn to do my wedding reception here in Las Vegas. DJ Jon & The DownBeats ala Jon Osborn did a great job. I depended on him to coordinate lot's of thing's that day and he did it to perfection. Experience in this field mean's everything. I found that out. Good job and thank you. We will use you again."  Sam Hilliard  Las Vegas, Nevada

" Great job Jon!! I had a party for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. I met Jon at Walmart where he works his REAL job! LOL! He must be a great greeter because he is so good as a DJ. We all had a good time! Thanks."  Don Green  Las Vegas, Nevada

 "Jon, I checked out some of your remastering work and think it's great. The Raiders 20th AB medly stunned me. I heard guitar parts and background vocals I NEVER heard on the TV copies online. Everyone knows Mark sang live over prerecorded tape on that deal. Your version actually sounds more like a true 100% live performance and has an aggressiveness lacking in the original version. Man, I am highly impressed with what you did!"  Jim Austin

 "Jon is a classy and fun DJ who always has the crowd jumping! He is in tune with the people who show up looking for a nice night out that includes dancing and sharing a joke or two. Jon is an interactive DJ who personally makes sure that everyone is having a good time while they are at his club. He is hip to the latest sounds as well as having the feel for the retro groove that includes many dance tunes from a number of decades past. I recommend Jon for any organization seeking a professional, qualified and club friendly Disc Jockey/Host. Sincerely, Glen Howard"  Columbus, Ohio

"A friend on facebook told me about Jon Osborn who does remastering of lp's and cassettes that I needed to be put on cd's. I sent Jon the lp's and cassettes and we kept in touch by emails and phone calls. Jon had spent a lot on my material and when I got them back on cd it was great. It sounded better than the lp's or cassettes that I sent him and they are just as good or better then the cd's you buy in a music store. If you want great work, Jon is the person to work with. You can't go wrong with his work and I would highly recommend Jon for any remastering work that needed to be done."   Lou Defelippo   New York City, NY

 "Jon, it's 3:30am but I could not wait to tell you what a GREAT JOB you did remastering this for me. The sound is excellent through my external speakers. I can't wait to get these clips posted to You Tube and to the FB sites. Thank you for your hard work."     Jim Comento   Atlanta, Georgia

" The event was a success and you made it more memorable. We'll be in touch for future events! Have a wonderful weekend."  Shahn Douglas  Director Of Marketing  Las Vegas, Nevada

" Hi Jon, thanks again for coming out last night, it was awesome! Everyone really enjoyed the music." Elizabeth Martinez  Marketing Manager  Las Vegas, Nevada

" Hi Jon. I thought you did great. I loved your interaction with the crowd. We were very satisfied."  Sheron Williams - Nevens   Veterans Administration Medical Center  Las Vegas, Nevada

"Good Morning Jon. Thank you for helping us to make the party a success. Good job. Keep up the good work and if anyone ask and need you, I will forward your information to them. Thanks again." Michael & Angela Warren Las Vegas, Nevada

NEW YEARS EVE BASH!! January 4, 2020 10:46 am  Lori Agajanian  - "Thank you so much DJ Jon for playing great music at my New Years Eve Bash! You played all the fabulous 70's music we requested! And took music requests at the party. You did an awesome countdown to New Years also. I could dance all night to that music! You were amazing! We love how you got the crowd motivated with your dance moves and masks. Your dance moves are so awesome! The masks were great for photos, especially the horse mask! You have a great personality! DJ Jon, you really know how to get the crowd going! You are a wonderful person and work very hard setting up and breaking down all your equipment. Thank you so much for playing at our party! We love to have you at all our parties. We will ALWAYS recommend you to our friends! Take care." Lori 

January 15 2020 at 9:32 PM Facebook --- Bob Beatle

Some of you Paul Revere & The Raiders fans may already know this but for those who don't, let me recommend to you what I consider the best website to our favorite band. JUST LIKE US it is created and run by a great DJ by the name of Jon Osborn.

Peter Brown - Dance With Me.mp3


Lauv - I Like Me Better.mp3

The Ultimate Rock Medley 12.mp3

Nelly - Ride With Me.mp3


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