Remastering Media Service's

 Hi everyone! Welcome to Remastering Media Service's! Or RMS! I started this service in 2012. I found that there was a need for this because of my music library that was getting older and more fragile by the year. I had old record's & tape's that needed to be transferred, remastered & stored for future consideration's. If you have any old recording's no matter what it is, tell me about it & I can restore it for you. Call or write today! Just added!! Old pictures! I bring them back to life! Just send them to me via email or snail mail and I will bring them to life like NEW!!! Ask for pricing!


ZZZZ - Studio 54 Disco Medly.mp3

Gwen Stephani - Make Me Like You.mp3

 My name is Jon Osborn. Or DJ Jon. RMS is a subsidiary of DJ Jon & The DownBeats! With all the old media's still around in the family home of old concerts, family reunions, interviews, old tv shows and so on. There is a need to preserve these memories for future generations. Mine began with a tv special called the 20th Anniversary Of American Bandstand. I was 16 years old and taped this special with my little audio recorder. I knew then that I needed a way to preserve this show. In 2012 for my birthday, I found a way. As a present, a guy in a local recording studio transferred this show for me. I watched him carefully and lo and behold, here I am doing what he was doing. Better. So, if you have some old recordings that you would like to keep and store for memories, call me. I will be glad to preserve them for you. Thank you.


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